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Polo Ranch - Spring Update 2024

Dear Fellow Polo Ranch Members,


We hope y’all enjoyed the Holiday season and had the opportunity to be with your family.


This letter serves as an update for our community on recent actions taken by the HOA Board and the Events Committee.


Recently our Events Committee hosted Christmas with Santa at our community pool & playground area. The event was well received by everyone, and we were happy to see so many kids and families at the event. Please join us in thanking everyone on the Events Committee and everyone that volunteered to make this happen. They put in a lot of time and effort into making it an enjoyable day for the community.


We would like to share the following from the Events Committee:


What an amazing time we had at our 'Cookies with Santa' event! From the cheerful smiles to the delicious cookies and fun moments with the Grinch, it was a magical day full of joy and laughter. Thank you for joining us and making it a memorable occasion for all. As your events chairman, I am very proud to say your HOA Events Committee Volunteers made efficient changes to enhance your family's experience regardless of the things we cannot control, like the windy weather! 


Stay tuned for more exciting events coming your way! We are meeting after the New Year to discuss possible Easter Egg Hunts, Kick Off to Summer Party, a 5k and even movie nights at the pool and park! 


Do you have a business that can volunteer their services to help make our community stand out for these events and would benefit from the exposure? Contact me to discuss future opportunities. 


 Polo Ranch Events Committee and Events Committee Chairman Erin Brown


Recently many of you probably noticed a flyer on your door hanger. We are working very hard on making sure that everyone in the community is informed of actions taken by the HOA Board and are also able to provide necessary feedback. Thanks again to PS Designs and to everyone that helped with handing out the flyers. For those of you that added your email to the contact list; thank you! We have now doubled the number of residents receiving email communication and are close to our initial goal of fifty percent participation. Please continue to help us in reaching out to your friends and neighbors and guiding them in the process of being added to the email contact list. This will be very important for us as we continue planning more events throughout the year.


Many of you have probably noticed that we recently made additions to our playground area. We were able to complete our playground project that includes picnic tables, more benches, and a swing set. There are still drainage issues that are being addressed but we hope that these improvements are well received.


We are also pleased to announce that we have made changes to our pool contract that will allow for more pool access this year and an even further extended season. We are now using a new company, Swim Houston, for our pool management needs. Here are some of the highlights of our new contract:


  • The pool will be swim at your own risk for the entire season, i.e., no lifeguards

  • The pool will open March 02 and close Oct 01

  • The pool will remain closed on Mondays for cleaning and chemical treatment

  • The management company will be cleaning the pool on a more frequent basis in comparison to last year and is better equipped for our unique requirements

  • There will be no exclusionary events this year, meaning if you would like to have a birthday party at the pool that is fine, but we will no longer permit closing the pool to other residents for such events.


The last few years have been an experiment for us in regard to how we manage our pool. Feedback indicates that the swim at your own risk (SAYOR) had some initial issues but that these issues have been resolved. We appreciate those of you that provided constructive feedback and joined in at our townhall meetings.


We intend to hold a town hall meeting at some point at the end of March or early April and will be announcing a date very soon.


Thanks again for all your help in making this community great.




Pete, Danielle, and Veronica


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1 Comment

Mar 02

Thank you volunteers one and all. A great community needs great volunteers. Spring is trying to give us some much needed warmer weather. Our lawns took a beating this winter but with a little help from some weed and feed and fertilizer and our sprinkler systems and mother nature they all should come back as green as ever.

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