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Polo Ranch - Summer Update 2023

Updated: Mar 1

Polo Ranch Community,

This letter is an update regarding the actions taken by your HOA Board of Directors and a summary of the recent town hall hosted by Dozier’s. We would like to thank Kevin and Lindsay from Fulshear PD and Sarah Johnson, our district 1 council member, for coming to our event. We are very appreciative of everyone who was able to show up and provide us feedback. Most of all we would like to thank Dozier's for hosting the event and we encourage everyone to try Dozier's BBQ if you have not done so already.

We have received many emails with items addressing our community. We appreciate these emails, especially when they provide information that allows to identify and correct issues

within our neighborhood. We encourage everyone to view our Polo Ranch HOA website , and provide us feedback as to how we can do things better.

We do not use social media to base decisions on actions items for our community. The email can be used at any time to communicate any concerns with us.

The most discussed item at the event was the swimming pool. We have a new contract this year that consist of ‘Swim At Your Own Risk’ (SAYOR) Tuesday through Friday 8am-9pm and

Saturday and Sunday 8am-Noon. Lifeguards are still present on weekends and holidays from Noon-8pm. The pool is closed on Mondays for cleaning. Swimmers must be at least 14 years

or older to use the pool without adult (18 years or older) supervision. The pool will remain open this year for these hours until the end of September. We were able to increase pool access and significantly reduce cost under our new contract. We are still working out some of the kinks in the system with the modification of SAYOR during the week.

The splash pad is now controlled with timer located next to the emergency call box outside the mechanical room and next to the showers. This modification allows swimmers to turn on the splash pad from 0-60 minutes by use of a twist knob in the control box. This will allow swimmers to have access to the splash pad when guards are not available and will provide us with cost savings when the swimmers are not using the splash pad.

The front gate has not been operable this year. It has recently been fixed and pool access will require use of a fob. If you do not have one please view our website or reach out to us for

instructions on how to procure one. Trash has been an issue at the pool. We have received many complaints about trash around the pool. We would like to note that the trash comes from members of our community. It is unfortunate that this has been a problem and we ask that everyone be mindful and do your best to keep our pool and surrounding areas clean. To assist in this request, we recently purchased 4 additional trash cans to have around the sitting areas of the pool. We hope

this makes it easier to obtain the goal of keeping our pool clean. We have noticed a big improvement since the trash cans have been in place.

We now require more than one trash can for weekly discharge of trash. We are working right now to get another trash can for the pool to be emptied with neighborhood trash on Wednesdays.

We have also been in contact with Sweetwater about keeping our pool clean especially during the week when there are no lifeguards present. They have not been cleaning

our pool appropriately and this has been addressed to Sweetwater senior management. Our agreement with Sweetwater is that pool, restrooms, and pool areas be cleaned on Monday and Thursday each week. Lifeguards are required to clean the pool when they are on duty

during weekends. We have also stocked our pool with the required cleaning supplies to keep the restrooms and pool area clean. We also got a leaf blower for the lifeguards to use during the weekend. Please feel free to place request with the lifeguards at any time if you notice

the pool is not clean while they are on duty. This has been confirmed as acceptable with Sweetwater senior management.

We have also received complaints about underage swimmers at the pool. Most people at the meeting were not aware that the age for unsupervised pool use is 14 (posted at the entrance). This is one year younger than the age of some of our lifeguards. If you believe that someone is underage please ask them to leave. If you believe that someone is engaging in an activity that is illegal or dangerous to themselves or others, please call the police.

This is the same action that our lifeguards take when on duty. If you do not have access to a phone there is a red emergency call box next to the showers at the pool.

As mentioned, we have been able to save a significant amount of money with the new pool contract. We are in the process right now of improving the playground with tables, benches, and a swing set. We are waiting to make sure that our actual costs are below 3rd quarter annual projections before proceeding with plans for the playground upgrades. The cost savings from the new pool contract is intended to finance this endeavor. We will have more updates with this in the fall. We hope to start construction at the end of the pool


Flags. At the townhall, we decided with overwhelming support that we would like to have American flags at the entrances of our neighborhood during American holidays and

throughout the neighborhood. We will be using a ag service vendor and Boy Scouts of America to make this happen. We will be signing a new contract soon.

Dog poop was another major talking point. Dog poop seems to be a hot topic right now. Please clean up after your dogs while walking them in the neighborhood. The idea of

installing dog poop waste stations around the neighborhood was brought up. Installing these stations and having them serviced will be an additional cost and may require increasing

fees. A general vote was taken at the townhall and it was decided that this will not be pursued. If you feel passionately about this and would like to have the HOA pursue this please reach out to us and provide majority support. In the meantime, please pick up your dog’s poop.

Landscaping was discussed. Our current contract for landscaping only provides that mulch be renewed once a year. We are seeking quotes for having this supplemented one additional

time in the calendar year. It is not cheap and we are trying to identify the most cost-effective options. We are also looking to have containments installed to prevent washout once new mulch is laid. Some of you may have noticed that some of the plants were recently changed. We have seasonal plants installed in the neighborhood and they require renewal depending on the season.

Traffic and related violations were also discussed. There were many reports of speeding throughout the neighborhood, as well as traffic congestion due to parked cars. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do as an HOA to address these issues. Fulshear PD was present during our meeting and expressed willingness to assist with this issue. If you notice areas where cars are frequently speeding, please contact Fulshear PD. There were reports of semi-trucks parking in the neighborhood as well as abandoned cars. For us to act as an

HOA for semi-truck parking we need to have identification of who is parking the trucks. For abandoned cars please call Fulshear PD. If you believe action is not being taken, please

feel free to contact our District 1 council member, Sarah Johnson.

Sarah Johnson was able to answer many questions regarding actions taken by the City of Fulshear. One of the things she mentioned that will soon impact us is the plan to install a stop light at the exit of Del Webb. Our neighborhood meets the requirement of having one stop light with the light being at the FM 1093 entrance. Del Webb will also require a stop light to their neighborhood on FM 359. The library in Fulshear is being relocated to Texas Heritage and will open soon. Water treatment and waste water was also brought up. The city of Fulshear has plans to improve on water treatment as the community grows and even

includes relocating the water treatment facility on FM 1093 to allow for extending the freeway. Please feel free to reach out to Sarah if you have questions regarding these topics.

Additionally, one of our board members, Pete Daugherty, announced that he will be running for re-election as one of your Board of Directors. Pete’s term is up this fall and he will be running again. Pete has been responsible for vendor outreach and maintaining cost within our contracts. Pete’s accomplishments consist of the new pool contract, improvements to the pool, plans to commission additions to the playground at net sum zero cost, new landscaping options, and plans for flags in the community during holidays. Please feel free to reach out to Pete Daugherty at for questions in this regard.

Thanks again for your participation in making our

community better,

Pete, Anthony, and Danielle

Polo Ranch Community Update - Summer Update 2023
Download PDF • 5.57MB

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