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Polo Ranch - Summer Update 2024

Polo Ranch Community,

This update is in the response to recent inquiries about the park and pool facility and to inform residents about what we are doing to remedy current issues.

Pool Access

The front gate at the pool is not working right now. The main power supply for the control access has failed and requires replacement. The part has been ordered and will be installed upon receipt.

We are currently working on getting an additional FOB access lock installed on the interior gate of the pool. This lock will only be able to be opened during pool hours by means of the key FOB and will be able to be unlocked at all times from the inside for safety reasons.

We are also in the process of getting a time sensitive access lock installed on the interior gate. This will allow access during pool hours and remain locked after pool hours. The gate will be able to be opened from the inside at all times for safety reasons.

Pool Usage

The pool has already been open since March 02 and has been getting a lot of use. It is our goal to maximize pool access as much as possible for those who can withstand colder water or just want to lay out. Our current contract includes pool maintenance and cleaning twice a week and will go up to five times a week after May 01. We are also seeking quotes from cleaning services to supplement our pool vendor in cleaning common areas to include the restrooms. The condition of the restrooms has been a common complaint over the last few seasons and we are working to make that better.

We mentioned in an earlier update that we have changed our pool contract to swim-at-your-own-risk (SAYOR) during all hours this year. This means there will be no lifeguards at the pool during pool hours. It also means that we as residents are going to have to be more responsible for maintaining a clean pool area. Please encourage your children to be mindful of the pool rules and to clean up after themselves as best as possible, especially for teenagers using the pool without adult supervision.


The swing set area at the park has been flooded well after it rains and is a known issue. We are currently working with our landscapers to find a long-term solution such as installing a drainage system. Once we receive quotes we will move forward with the best option.

Events Committee

We would like to state our thanks and appreciation to the Events Committee who put together the Easter Egg Hunt for our community. The event was put together very well and we got a lot of great participation. The Events Committee puts a significant amount of time into putting these types of events together. Please join us in thanking them. Our next event is going to be on May 25th, 5pm, at the pool for the “Grill and Chill Pool Party”. The Events Committee is seeking out dads who would like to ‘man the grill’ during this party or just help out with the party. Please contact Erin Brown at if you are interested. Thank you for your participation in this community.


Pete Daugherty

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