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Welcome the new HOA Board

We are excited to introduce ourselves as the newly elected members of the HOA and to update the community with some of the projects we are working on. Danielle Maring, Anthony Pinheiro and Pete Daugherty were recently elected to the Board for a tenure of three, two, and one year respectively.

The pool has been a hot topic in recent discussions. We are happy to announce that we have been able to extend pool access for the remaining weekends of September with hours of 11AM-7PM. The decision was made on the basis of members reaching out to us with this request and on what we consider a fair addendum to the contract from our vendor. We hope this is received well.

With the help of Rachel, we are working to take care of fixing issues identified with amenities within the pool. It is also our intent to consider more options for next years’ pool contract. Once we have more information, we will offer polling to determine how members feel about available options.

Anthony has created a very impressive website for our community that allows members of the Polo Ranch Community to access documents, community information, contact information, connect to members of the community, and provide a platform for members to express concerns to the Board. The new website can be reached at : or We believe that this website will be the most inclusive way for members of Polo Ranch to communicate and information. If you have any suggestions for the website feel free to contact us with items you would like to see. This will be a constant work in progress.

The Board met recently to discuss the direction the community with regards to finances, communications, vendor management, event planning, and the idea of making improvements to the park. Danielle has a mature experience with accounting and budgeting. She is currently analyzing our balance sheet so we can determine what options we have in the near future. Once more information is known, Pete will be begin working on an applicable project plan. The Board intends to use polling from our new website so that we can collectively

make decisions on how members want to apply our reserve funds.

Please note that our HOA website has contact emails for each of the board members if you would like to reach out to us with questions or concerns. The shared email,

is the preferred method of communication to reach members of the board. This email is shared by all three members and you will be actively monitored to provide timely responses. This Polo Ranch website will act as the social platform for board members to share information and updates. The plan is quarterly news updates like this that will go directly to your email as a email blast. So please make sure to check your junk mail for this communication.

Thank you for support and involvement in the latest election. If you have any suggestions, questions or items you would like to bring up please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you and we want to make this a great community for everyone!


Danielle, Anthony & Pete

Polo Ranch Community Update - Welcome from the new HOA Board
Download PDF • 888KB

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